P aintball is great fun and a lot of adrenaline. It is a game that teaches cooperation and building relationships, shapes social awareness and teaches how to solve tasks in a group. Paintball is a game for everyone who, apart from physical activity, cares about unforgettable moments full of strong emotions. Thanks to us, paintball in Warsaw will be a unique adventure!

At e Frag Factory we organize : company parties, birthday parties, unforgettable bachelor parties, crazy hen parties, unusual parties for children, corporate games, paintball madness, as well as barbecue meetings, unusual Valentine’s Day and other unique events in Warsaw. You can also come to our hall and simply play paintball;) >>>

In our possession is the largest and best paintball hall in the capital. We have built a paintball city of ruins especially for our clients! We satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding players!

We work with the best paintball and survival instructors as well as Polish paintball masters and experienced players. Together, we create the most unique ideas for the party. There are as many possibilities and scenarios as your imagination tells you!

Marker frames: Tippmann 98 custom, Rental, JT Tactical 5 and Spyder Xtra. Our Empire Helix, Tippmann and JT Thermal masks feature double glazing to prevent fogging. The high-quality paintball balls we use reduce the feeling of pain.

We invite parents and children from the age of 7 to thematic events with elements of paintball, aikido and self-defense – conducted under the supervision of educators and instructors (for example, a birthday party entitled “Star Wars”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”). For schools and organizations, we recommend educational activities , outdoor games, weekend camps, day camps, and green schools.

We support integration events in Warsaw and all over Poland. We prepare scenarios based on team building (natural creation of leaders, the ability to act under stress and difficult conditions, solving common problems). For we organize tournaments provide professional judges, cups and medals for participants.

We adjust the offer to the possibilities, expectations and ideas of our clients, which we always treat individually .

We invite you to cooperation!